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2022.10.04 [Cash Back] 30% OFF of the total amount from your shipping fee will be added to your Account Points.
2022.10.03 [NEW WEBSITE] If you are looking for new release dolls please visit our new website
2022.10.03 [FREE SHIPPING] On selective stock items, a limited item only
2022.10.03 [AZUR LANE] Because lots of people miss and continuously message us about Azur Lane Formidable. The last Chance offer has been decided and will start now in a very limited item only.
2022.10.03 Hello Valued Customers,
We would like to inform you ahead of our Office holidays.
Offices will be closed and all shipments will be on hold for the following days.
Inquiries will still be entertained and orders will still be processed.
Holidays in China
National Day: October 3-7, 2022
Holidays in Korea
Kaitian Festival: October 3, 2022
Hangeul Day Substitute Holiday: October 10, 2022
2022.09.27 [NEW WEBSITE] If you are looking for new release dolls please visit our new website
2022.09.23 [PROMO] Dolkbjd offers 30% and Free Shipping On Selected items only. Click HERE
2022.09.22 [NEW WEBSITE] If you are looking for new dolls please visit our new website
2022.09.19 [NEW WEBSITE] Visit our new website for new dolls and offer.
2022.09.16 [AZURLANE] Formidable Update: We already reached the target quantity of orders we will now not accept orders. Thank you for your support
2022.09.15 [NOTICE] If you are looking for new dolls update please visit our new website for more new dolls.
2022.09.12 [TOUKEN RANBU] Tsurumaru Kuninaga Cast Doll is now up for reservation with a very limited item and limited time only.
2022.09.12 [AZURLANE] Formidable Cast Doll reservation will end Sep. 25, 2022, dont miss it, get yours now.
2022.09.12 [UPDATE] All new information or release dolls will be updated on our new website DOLKBJD.COM
2022.08.23 IMPORTANT NOTICE Starting Sept. 1, 2022, we will stop updating the old website for new and latest products from all maker partners that we have, all new release items and information from our maker partners will be registered on the new website official blog \ Kurositsuji - 5th Cast Doll - Ciel Phantom Hive Toukenranbu Cast Doll Kurositsuji Cast Doll Official FANPAGE DOLK THAI Official FANPAGE Official Instagram YouTube Official Channel Official TWITTER Official Tumblr Kurositsuji Cast Doll Attac on titan Cast Doll Amnesia Cast Doll
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